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If you are searching for the highest quality, fully automatic wire winding equipment components, look no further than Hangzhou Qianhe Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. First established in 2006, we integrate the design, manufacturing and sales of a wide selection of wire winding equipment components for use in many different types of transformers, inductors, relays, electrical motors, sensors, voice coils, ignition coils and other applications. Not only do our products have a broad scope of application, the have been chosen for use by world renowned companies, including Japan NITTOKU, Tanaka Seiki, Nidec, Panasonic, Sumida, TDK, BOSCH, Taiwan Zhongda and other well-known names. We do business in 29 countries around the world and have earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Details

Custom Service
Qianhe is not only a supplier of winding machine parts. We have our own professional manufacturing factory and a technical team who have been engaged in this industry for over 20 years.

Hangzhou Qianhe Pricision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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